An Interview with D.M. Simonds
Dennis:  How long have you been a writer and how did you get started?

D.M. Simonds: I have been a writer all along and just didn't realize it until being shown my true path by key persons in my life.

Dennis:   How did you get started in writing suspense novels?

D.M. Simonds:  Thanks to some well-known published authors and off the record literary agents who didn't laugh at me, I was told: "Read what you write, write what you read." Suspense became my passion and then I wanted to create characters for our present day and time with no problem in breaking away from the cookie cutter norm to show their readers the trailhead to the
awakening path if they dare follow it. For me to be able to write about these subjects, I like to think Our Lord took me down many trails in life before making me a writer.

Dennis:  You have written a book titled Angel of the Realm. Please provide an overview of the book and how you chose this title and its significance to the content.

D.M. Simonds:  For an overview consider this statement made to me by a homeless runaway teenager from a religious cult of which her parents may still reside: "You can't pick your parents."

Enter the character of Jenna, born into an ultra-secret society of nuns and priests serving the global elite of our modern-day Illuminati.
Yes, these altruistic condescending bastards do exist. I have interviewed a few of them, off the record, without a voice recorder or pen and paper and can tell you from experience they refer to us as commoners and, many think of us cockroaches. If you would like to know their goal for humanity, then I suggest you read the late Jim Tucker's writings and also, take a good look at the artwork on the hotel grounds at the latest
Bilderberg meeting outside London.

Returning to our character: From birth, Jenna was taught she existed only to please the desires of whomever she was told to serve. By the ancient biblical laws of her Saint Hope Order she was mandated to return to the convent from whence she came to bare her master's seed. Now this would be fine and dandy for any other of her fellow sisters, content in the dependence of the communistic good of her Order, but Jenna had another person in her life that refused to give up after being tricked into an affair with her mother, and after his wife refused to adopt his love child. According to the laws of her Order, Jenna's mother had one liberty, to save the life her baby if rejected. Her commoner father was a wealthy computer CEO, given permission by Rome to
provide a computer and phone line to the daughter he was not allowed to know in person. And there you have the birth of what the FBI came to know as their most talented sought after hacker: Angel.

But what about the title: Angel of the Realm?
Go back and consider our computer CEO along with his collection of the IT world's brightest who gather to participate in Jenna's technical
education. To make their content interesting for a child of two who is not aware of the world outside the convent walls for which she lives in, her cyber mentors decide to call themselves The Realm with a Knight of the Round Table theme. The significance of this title to the content is this:
"Beware the 501c3 Corporate Church," for if you dare to research why I am tell you this, you will discover, "it is the whore that rides the beast."

Now further, once you have digested what I have just told you: In this land we call America, while it is still spelled with a "c" and not a "k,"
you could say Angel of the Realm was created in the idea of one word: Freedom! And for standing by the principle of my work, I have been raked over the coals by many but have learned from those such as Alex Jones, Joyce Riley,
Alan Watt, David Icke, Jim Tucker and Gerald Celente to name a few, that to write in this unofficial genre of patriot suspense, it is required that you must stand defiant in the wind of the coming storm of the New World Order. I have been told by many of my readers that the character of Jenna is trying to show all of us what is coming our way.

And to those who pick up this book looking for something different from the latest cookie cutter suspense novel, one could say: Angel of the Realm is the Angel of our modern-day time, and the creation of an unusual private investigator.

Dennis:  You have written a book titled Resistance Factor. Please provide an overview of the book and how it relates to the content within it.

D.M. Simonds:  This suspense novel was researched and written mostly at my husband's bedside or in one of the many doctor's office or surgical waiting rooms. I can also tell you Resistance Factor was written out of my shock at what was being done to our medical system. This is easier to see once you are on the other side of the fence, as the family member.

Since Angel of the Realm is about the creation of an unusual private investigator, this second in series for Hawkins Investigation takes you
along on Jenna's quest to become a PI herself under the guidance of the good men in her life she calls her saviors. While skip tracing a bail
jumper, Jenna discovers Rose, a woman whose life is being toyed with by the same Internet predator, calling himself: Valin, on a vendetta to take out Angel, the only hacker to go up against him and still live.

In the case of Rose, she was a nurse who delved into his hospital computer network a little too long, while searching for evidence as to the reason of her mother's death after receiving a new generation antibiotic created by Valin's employer, Xano-Pharmaceuticals.  And thus you have two women whose lives are brought together as a force of one, determined to save their lives and protect their families. In a time
when Lady Justice has turned her back, for Jenna to protect her son, and for Rose to find her own son and create a new life for him, they must become the Resistance Factor.

Dennis:  What are your future writing plans?

D.M. Simonds:  While I am writing the 3rd in series for Hawkins Investigations, I also have stand-alone novels and some non-fiction books in the research stage waiting for my attention. I would also like to start up my article writing since more of the American sheeple each day are starting to think different from herd in that there is something wrong with the mainstream media as they turn off the TV to allow their awakening to begin. Here is the start of their truth trail.

Dennis:  Do you belong to any social networking sites?

D.M. Simonds:  At the instruction of my publisher's marketing plan: Facebook and Twitter. Yet, even in this age of biometric ID scanning and ID theft, there is a way to use these two factions to your advantage if you watch out of those nasty trolls who are nothing more than coentelpro coyotes.

Dennis:  What suggestions do you have for other writers/authors?

D.M.Simonds:  Learn to be your own editor so your writing will sound like you, and not be swayed by another person's ego or beliefs. If you have to take a class, invest in hardware or software and are serious about being self-employed, then do it! My office is in my RV home on wheels, and I work where I chock my wheels.

Dennis:  What have you learned about the publishing industry that might help other
authors or those who may want to be authors?

D.M. Simonds:  First and upmost: You have to find your nitch.  Read what you write, write what you read. Once you know this you must decide if your writing is a hobby or a business.

Learn the biz end of writing.

Be your own bookkeeper.

Get a tax guy or gal who understands, or is willing to research the fact that you actually have the nerve to make a living as a writer. In my case, I am also a Full Time RV'er. From experience I can tell you, if said tax pro gives you a blank mouth agape look, excuse yourself and get out of there. My tax guy encourages me and scolds me when needed by reminding me,

"Are you a hobby or a business?" Again, don't rely on tax software; get a tax guy or gal with the heart of teacher.

On getting published: You can spend years such as I did trying to find a literary agent or you can go to the next level, be in the driver's seat and get a publisher with the heart of a teacher to show you how to be more in control of your work. This I have found in with Angela and Richard Hoy. If you go this route, park ego at the door, listen to them and keep writing.

Dennis:  What kind of marketing activities have worked for you that you might suggest to others?

D.M. Simonds:  Starting out, I made up my own flyers in the way of a business card on my printer and passed them out. Going out on comment sections of articles worked some but can get you noticed by Internet trolls hired by the establishment to cause trouble, so be forewarned of taking this avenue. 

My publisher has encouraged me to use the social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Basically, as I am writing my 3rd book, I will use any avenue God will set before me, and currently this is a small fraction of the marketing plan suggested by my publisher for their family of authors.

Dennis:  Do you write articles? If yes, please provide some links where others can read what you have written?

D.M. Simonds:  I have written one article at the request of an editor who is trying to get me to publish more of my articles to advertise my work. After I put this one out and started on my second book. This area really I need to develop more as I come closer to becoming a full time writer.

Dennis:  Is there anything else you would like to add to include in this interview?  Basically what would you want others to take away from this interview?

D.M. Simonds:  For those of you who dare to join me in the new age genre of patriot suspense, I invite you to first awaken by walking your own truth trail. To achieve this you must disconnect from the globalist owned media whores by turning off the TV. Yes, turn it off and sell it to finance your start in a new life where you set the limitations.
Here, I lay down the gauntlet of challenge to all of you: seek out the truth sayers and listen to them, for only then will you know what you must write.
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