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Dennis:  How long have you been a writer and how did you get started?

Cassandra: With the encouragement of my educators, I started writing amateurish plays in grammar school and that passion has followed me to this day.

Dennis:  You have written a book titled How to go from BooHoo to WooHoo in 90 days.  Please provide an overview of the book and what you want readers to get from reading the book?

Cassandra:  The book outlines the character traits necessary to develop the skills to lead a life of unconditional happiness.  I want everyone to understand that happiness is not an elusive mood or based on external circumstances but rather a state of self-mastery.

Dennis:  As an educator how did it impact your philosophy that happiness is a discipline anyone can master?

Cassandra:  Great question, I began as a student myself.  Once you start having victories in breaking through obstacles it becomes incumbent upon you to share with others how to do the same. It’s no different than when you experience a really great restaurant or bargain it is natural that you wish to share with others.  Sharing a philosophy of hope is far more impactful, of course, and as an educator I am delighted to say that I have received wonderful feedback from my students on my ability to take profound concepts and put them in terms that anyone can understand and apply. I am also always focused on connecting with the hearts of my listeners, I am not teaching concepts, I am teaching people. And I LOVE it!  

Dennis:  You have a website  Please provide an overview of it and what visitors can gain from visiting your site?

Cassandra: My website was developed with the support of my incredibly gifted friend Michele Christian who understood that I wanted my site to reflect my desire to encourage my visitors.

It contains:

1.      Information about me and my journey from battling debilitating depression to writing a book on unconditional happiness and how to contact me for speaking engagements.

2.      Enriching articles about small and concrete ways to tap into our ability to heal and be happy;

3.      Resources to help children develop character;

4.      Volunteerism information so as to forge strong and healthy ties in our communities;

5.      Products and product reviews to help heal trauma.  We must have victories in healing ourselves to understand the power that exists within our own lives before we can be happy and of greater service. 

Dennis:  Do you belong to any social networking sites?

Dennis:  What suggestions do you have for other writers/authors?

Cassandra: I let the opinions of others rule my life for far too long because I didn’t realize that when others critiqued my work it was more a reflection of them than me.  When I became more secure in my ability to teach the book almost wrote itself.

I would also advise you to learn as much about promotion as possible because it is as important as the quality of your book.

Dennis:  What have you learned about the publishing industry that might help other authors or those who may want to be authors?

Cassandra: It changes at the speed of light, subscribe to newsletters and attend as many conferences as possible to try and keep your finger on the pulse of the industry and to make the changes work in your favor.        

Dennis:  What kind of marketing activities have worked for you that you might suggest to others?

Cassandra: I have found the website Help A Reporter Out and incredible source of free publicity.     

Dennis:  Do you write articles?  If yes, please provide some links where others can read what you have written?

Cassandra:  I have contributed to articles and am preparing to submit my first article to a dating website called A Million Matches.
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