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Dennis:  How did you get started in writing?

Traci: I have always loved to write since grade school. About five years ago, I decided to get serious about writing. I joined a writer’s group at a local bookstore and started querying magazines with article ideas. I received several local writing opportunities for newspapers and magazines. With a portfolio of samples, I pitched a national magazine a few years later and received an ongoing paid opportunity.

Dennis:  You are a member of the networking site  Are there other networking sites to which you belong?

Traci:  Networking online is quickly becoming an entrepreneur’s best friend. I have found that LinkedIn and FastPitchNetworking are also great sites to belong to.

Dennis:  Explain the objective of your web site

Traci:  Our website was created to help educate and inform prospects and clients about what we do and offer. In addition, we have established a podcast library of interviews with experts offering tips and advice on many topics. Our experts and professionals page also serves as a resource for media seeking sources for stories.

Dennis:  What does you blog specialize in on your web site?

Traci: Our blog is another resource where we offer tips, advice and any useful information we find that would help authors and entrepreneurs increase their understanding of how to work with the media.

Dennis:  You have over 12 years of marketing experience.  What advice can you give new writers?

Traci:  Write because you love the craft. Don’t write because you feel it will make you rich. If you want writing to be more then a hobby, develop your image as a writer and the opportunities will come.

Dennis:  You have a long list of media exposure.  Is it sometimes difficult to get the media to recognize an author and his/her expertise?  What advice can you give to help other writers not get discouraged?

Traci: Yes, at times it can be difficult to get the media’s attention. The best advice I can give writers is to make sure they understand the publication or radio show or TV program they are pitching. This will ensure their information is relevant to what the media is looking for. Don’t assume you will be on Oprah just because you have written a book. Create a plan of attack for working your way up to large national media coverage. If you have no media experience, start with your local newspapers and community access TV stations. This will give you the experience you need to work up to regional and national media. Create an online media room for your website and highlight your media success. This builds credibility for the larger media you seek.

Dennis:  How does your free newsletter help other writers and what type of information does it contain?

Traci: Our newsletter has proven to be a useful resource for authors and writers. We have been sending this via email to our database for over two years. The newsletter contains publicity tips and advice from our publicists. We also send updates on upcoming seminars, teleseminars and new products and services. It helps writers by providing information and articles about the literary industry.

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