An Interview with Terry Whalin
Dennis:  You have a newsletter Right-Writing News. What type of information is included which would help new and existing writers?

Terry: Over the last several years, I've produced 29 issues of Right Writing News. Each month this newsletter varies with material for beginning writer and advanced writers in the nonfiction and fiction area. I also include at least one article for children's writers. I write a number of articles in the publication but also include articles from a number of best-selling and much published author friends. The newsletter is free but only subscribers have access to the back issues which contain more than 400 pages of how-to-write information. Also subscribers receive three free Ebooks worth over $100 with their subscription at:  In between the rich content issue, I send a one page email about once a week to the list about different products and services--some are free and some involve a modest fee. It's another way to help writers learn about worthwhile ways to grow in their craft.  For this publication, I draw on my years of writing for over 50 magazines and my ten years of being a magazine editor.

Dennis:  How long have you been writing?

Terry:  I began writing back in high school and was the editor of my high school newspaper, then I attended one of the top ten journalism schools in the nation for college--Indiana University. I wrote for the Indiana Daily Student. Then for ten years, I left my writing and went into mostly academic writing and linguistics work. About twenty years ago, I returned to my writing, became a magazine editor and began freelance writing. My first book was published in 1992 and I've written over 60 books since then for many different age groups (children, teen, biographies, co-authored books, self-help, devotional books, etc.).

Dennis:  You belong to a networking site called Do you belong to other networking sites for which other authors may be interested?

Terry: I joined because John Kremer is a friend of mine. It's been an interesting experience. I'm not very active in these social networks. I have recently joined and but otherwise I'm not active in this area.

Dennis:  What kind of information is included in your book Book Proposals That Sell, 21 Secrets To Speed Your Success?

Terry: For the last five years, I've been a book acquisitions editor for two different publsihers. That means I'm the champion for the author in front of a bunch of jaded publishing executives pitching the author's book and trying to secure a book contract. While I had written over 40 books before I started working on the inside, I found the experience eye-opening. All too often writers did not give me the material that I needed to secure the contract. Supposedly part of my time I was to develop ideas--but because of the pessure of the work, there is very little time for actual development. If the proposal is 80-90% ready to go, I can push it the last little bit but I can't take someone who has a gem of an idea on page 12 and develop that into a proposal. Book Proposals That Sell is the only how-to-write proposal book which has the perspective of the acquisitions editor. I have endorsements from editorial directors, literary agents, bestselling authors and other acquisitions editors: There is no other proposal book with this degree of endorsement in the marketplace. I've read the other books. I know many first-time authors and experienced authors who have learned a lot reading the book. They've used it to secure a literary agent or get their own traditional publishing deal. It's been gratifying to see the results.

Dennis:  Where Can your book be purchased?

Terry:  There are many ways to get this book--either as an Ebook with an instant download: or they can purchase the paperback at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and other places:

Dennis:  What are some titles of your other books that would interest other authors?

Terry: I wrote a diet book over 12 years ago called First Place by Carole Lewis with Whalin which has over 100,000 copies in print. It's a long story but I wrote First Place in 11 days--over 48,000 words. I've written biographies on people like Billy Graham, Luis Palau, Chuck Colson, John Perkins, Samuel Morris and others. The person's name is the title of the book. If you want to see a list of some of the books, look at my profile on Amazon and it will give you some of the variety:

Dennis:  What kind of information is available on your site

Terry: Whether you write fiction or nonfiction or children's books or newsletters or need a resume or want to know about a writer's conference or critique groups, you can find it on There are over 1,000 pages of how-to-write articles and information in many different categories for all types of writing.

Dennis:  What is the web address for your blog site?

Terry: There is a button for my blog from every page of or you can go to: I have over 700 entries in my blog and a wide variety of information and insight. You can also subscribe to it (in the right-hand margin) and receive any updates via email. Also the blog is searchable and that tool is in the right-hand column.

Dennis:  What kind of information do you have for others to read on your blog site?

Terry: I write about my life as a writer, a literary agent, an editor and I also point out resources for writers, marketing tools and articles from other publications which have insight. Each time I bring the information back to writing and publishing. I'm focused on that area and continually challenging writers to excellence in their work. There are literarlly millions of ideas in circulation in the marketplace. Writers have to work hard at making a good first impression--and they only get one chance at it.

Dennis:  Do you have anything you would like to add to this interview?

Terry:  I'd like people to know about my free ebook for writers called Straight Talk From the Editor, 18 Keys to A Rejection-Proof Submission. It's available at:

Also I have a three CD audio set to help people with their book proposals. It's over three hours of my teaching about proposal creation and called Editor Reveals Book Proposal Secrets:

I'm also doing teleseminars to help writers and the best way to keep up on those teleseminars is to subscribe to my Right Writing News: 

In addition, I have an affiliate program where writers can earn money selling my products (50% commissions which is way better than the 4% from Amazon). It's free at: and I have on-going training opportunities for each of my affiliates.

I've recently released a new ebook: Writing For the Christian Market:

I'm on the board of directors for the leading nonfiction writers group in the nation, the American Society of Journalists and Authors.

Finally in the next few weeks, watch for a new product that I'm going to release about book proposals called Proposal Secrets. It will be a 50 lesson course on audio postcards along with a transcript of the teaching and answer some of the most frequently asked questions that people have about book proposal creation.

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