Dennis:  Tell us about your Author 101 Newsletter?

Rick:  It is my personal newsletter that goes to about 30,000 people every week. Lots of great information every week sign up by going to and get my Million Dollar Rolodex

Dennis:  You belong to a networking site called  Do you belong to any other sites that may interest other writers?

Rick: Publishers Marketplace is a site I go to and belong to very interesting site- and also publishers lunch which is FREE

Dennis: Please give a summary of your book Bestselling Book Publicity and how it could help other authors.  Where can it be purchased for those who may be interested in buying it?

Rick: You can get it at An updated book on everything you need to know about publicity if you are an author check out the other AUTHOR 101 books as well

Dennis:  Do you have a blog site?

Rick: Yes it is

Dennis:  You have a free resource Titled Million Dollar Rolodex?  How can anyone get the information?

Rick: Yes- 55 pages of updated information FREE at

Dennis:  What type of details is included in the Million Dollar Rolodex?

Rick: There are thousands of contacts, links- people I know in the industry-
over 30 years of my contacts- all in one place Invaluable!

For any new author starting a writing career what one thing would you
recommend they do?

do your homework
read every book on publishing- network
check out every way to publish a book including my publisher Morgan James Publishing
check out our resources at
I have 65 hours of teleseminars on publishing there for FREE

Dennis:  Tell us about the National Speakers Association and how someone can become a member?

Rick:  Great organization- I have been a member for over 20 years you must go to their site to get details on how to become a member- Not so easy these days

Dennis:  Do you have anything else you would like to add to this interview?

Thanks- keep writing-
keep learning
reserve as many URLS as you can
your name- misspellings of your name-
get 10 potential titles of your book
get them for $8.95 at
Do it today! URLS are real estate!

Also check out a great publicity resource THE PUBLICITY VAULT

An Interview with Rick Frishman
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