An Interview with John Kremer
Dennis:  You created a networking site called
Why did you decide to create this site and what is the purpose?

John: I created it because I could - once Ning offered the service. I'm hoping
that many authors and publishers will join so they can share tips,
resources, inspiration, and ideas with each other. We have almost 950
members now. It's a free service. I don't make any money from it. I just
wanted to create a place where authors could meet online and share

Dennis:  You have a new book titled 1001 Ways to Market Your Book, Sixth Edition. Please give an overview of this book and some differences between the fifth and sixth edition.

John:  The main difference is 8 years. Everything has been updated to reflect the
changes in the past 8 years. In addition, I supercharged and updated the
chapter on online marketing. Plus I added some great material to the chapter
on selling rights.

Dennis:  You have a couple of newsletters Book Marketing Bestsellers and Book Marketing Tips of the week.  Explain what each of these provide to authors and how they can benefit from them.

John: Book Marketing Bestsellers is my blog (
where I feature my thoughts and ideas on marketing books. You can visit the
blog regularly, subscribe via RSS, or subscribe via email to my postings on
marketing books.

The Book Marketing Tip of the Week is my email newsletter which provides
listings of key contacts for publicizing and marketing your book as well as
great marketing ideas and tips. There is a little duplicated content between
the blog and newsletter, but the Tip of the Week is the only place I share
updated contact names and addresses.

Dennis:  You web site has a wealth of information for other authors. For those who do not have a web site or even those that do please provide some benefits of having a web site that we as authors may not realize.

1. You can sell your book from your web site.
2. You really can't create online relationships without a web site. If you
want to market online (via blogs, articles, podcasts, video, etc), you need
a web site.
3. A web site is the best way to market the foreign rights for a book.
4. Media people do much of their research now online. If you don't have an
online presence, they won't find you.
5. You can use an interactive web site or blog as a means of gathering
material for your next book.
6. You can survey web site visitors to get feedback on your book cover, news
releases, sales copy, and even the content of your book.

Dennis:  What blog sites do you have?

John: Book Marketing Bestsellers:
Hot Times, Cool Places:
Teleseminars & Free Repots:

Dennis:  You have a site called the Self Publishing Hall of Fame. Explain what this site represents and how one may qualify to be listed in it?

John: I have a page on my web site where the list of successful self-publishers is more complete, but my Self-Publishing Hall of Fame web site ( features more details about
each new inductee. The hall of fame is designed to honor authors who have
successful self-published their books. When I get time, I hope to add all
the inductees to the above web site with detailed stories describing how
they became successful. My John Kremer's Self-Publishing Hall of Fame ebook
features those stories now, but I have to transfer them to the web site when
I get time.

Dennis:  You have a link on your web site under your name John  Kremer's personal filing cabinet.  What are some examples of information in this cabinet and how can other authors benefit from it?

John:  I have lists of book printers, POD printers and publishers, book publicists,
cover designers, editors and indexers, editors of first novels, the top
independent book publishers, and much more. That filing cabinet online is
where I keep most of my key contacts so they are easy to find when I need
them. Authors will find plenty of information to help them market their
books in that filing cabinet as well as on other pages in my web site.

Dennis:  You have a number of book marketing data files that authors can purchase for a reasonable price for the information they offer.  Give two examples of the files available and how they can benefit other authors.

John:  Top 700 Independent Bookstores - This list is the best list of independent
bookstores that buy books from small publishers and self-publishers. You
need to market to this list.

Public Libraries - This features the addresses of more than 2000 public
libraries. If you want to sell to libraries, you need to market to them with
postcards featuring your book cover, sales copy, and how to order.

Dennis:  What type of free reports are available on your site

John: Gosh, tons of reports on blogging, social networks, podcasting, virtual
author tours, bookstore tours, publishing statistics, first novel success
stories, book publicity tips, plus the archives of my Book Marketing Tip of
the Week newsletter. And many others.

Dennis:  Is there anything that you would like to add to this interview?

John:  Just visit my web site. You'll find so much good stuff there. Yes, I do sell some stuff there (amazing stuff), but there are hundreds of
free pages as well where you can design and carry out great book marketing
programs. Enjoy!

John Kremer, editor, Book Marketing Tip of the Week
and author, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books
Open Horizons, P O Box 2887, Taos, New Mexico 87571
505-751-3398; Email:
Web site:

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