An Interview with Hope Clark
Dennis:  You have a web site  What kind of information is available on this site that benefits other writers?

Hope: FundsforWriters gives writers information on open calls for submissions for grants, contests, freelance markets, writing jobs and publishers/agents. We try to be a weekly one-stop shop for finding an opportunity to write for. You will also find how-to articles, motivational essays and ebooks that specialize on one market or another. Of course, my trade paperback book, The Shy Writer, teaches the shyest writer how to self-market.

Dennis:  Your newsletter provides great information and I enjoy reading it.  For the readers of this interview what does this newsletter offer for writers?

Hope:  We have four newsletters. FundsforWriters offers three each of grants, contests, markets, writing jobs and publishers as well as a how-to article and an editorial from me. All of them pay $350/piece or 20 cents/word and up. FFW Small Markets is the same except it offers those under that payment threshold - thus, "small markets." TOTAL FundsforWriters is the granddaddy newsletter that goes to paid subscribers. It is like FundsforWriters except it has 80+ listings instead of just the dozen to fifteen. WritingKid is for youngsters who love to write. There are so few market listings for youth who love to write. This newsletter is often used by teachers.

Dennis:  What marketing activities have been successful for you and what would you recommend to other writers?

Hope: Depends on what you are marketing. I am primarily a freelance nonfiction writer, dabbling in fiction at present writing my second mystery novel. My marketing is mainly with nonfiction. By far the best promotion is the bio at the bottom of an article. Submit tons of articles online and your name spreads far and wide. The second most important tool is a web site. Give people a place to go to in order to learn about you. I've had editors find me through my web site. But you also have to sign every email, every post, every letter with your signature block telling people who you are and where your web site is parked. Success with self-promotion doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen with consistency. Name recognition is important. If you don't have a logo, at least have a one-liner slogan that speaks for you.

Dennis:  How is information collected to be posted on your web site and in your newsletters?

Hope: I'm a surfing guru after all these years. Also, FundsforWriters is now known throughout many circles, so lots of folks send me information. I also subscribe to many, many newsletters of literary journals, magazines, agents, arts commissions and other writers. I read forums and list groups. They come from all over, but I visit each site before posting it, making sure it is current and hopefully not a scam.

Dennis:  You have a chat room on your site.  What is the purpose and what kind of information is available in this chat room?

Hope:  A chat room is to allow people to get to know me in live time. Every two months, I meet at and just chat about FundsforWriters and The Shy Writer. Been doing it for two years. The door is open to questions and we have a good time.

Dennis:  What advice can you give to new and existing writers to help them gain exposure for their writing and recognition for their topic?

Hope: Write, submit and repeat. Maintain a blog and/or web site and keep it current. Don't let up. Most writers do. It isn't the business that kills many writers - it's their inability to stay consistently writing for the long haul.

Dennis:  What books have you written that would be of interest to other writers?

Hope: The Shy Writer: An Introvert's Guide to Writing Success- Sell you words, not your soul is the mantra.  We also have a dozen ebooks on various markets. Items like Grants for the Serious Writer, the No Fee Contest Book, Quick as a Flash, Just Hit Send (online markets) and so on. They come in PDF format. The Shy Writer is a paperback as well as an ebook.

Dennis:  Is there anything else you would like to add to this interview?

Hope:  The best way to get to know FundsforWriters is to visit the site and sign up for a newsletter or two. You can't appreciate the flavor and motivational punch without becoming one of the gang. Welcome!

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