Dennis:  You have a newsletter called Book Promotion Newsletter which is a great resource of information.  The small fee to subscribe is nothing compared to the value of the information that is provided on a bi-weekly basis.  For those reading this interview what kind of information is provided in your newsletter?

Francine: First let me express my appreciation for your compliments, although I've
gotten many such glowing testimonials. Book Promotion Newsletter is special
because it is essentially written by the subscribers. It's not the ideas of
one person but of many creative authors who contribute articles, feedback,
promotional tips, good news and tidbits that I headline "Grist for your
Mill." The ezine has been coming out every other Wednesday since March 2003.

Dennis:  You have some great books.  Bookmarketing A-Z and your new one Talk Radio for Authors just to name a couple.  What kind of information is included in these two books that would be an aid to other writers?

Francine:  Bookmarketing from A-Z contains the best marketing strategies culled from the questionnaires I email to each new subscriber and from emails sent to
me. The book represents 325 authors who share the peaks and pitfalls in
promoting their books. Talk Radio for Authors was the result of my on-line
publicity service, in which I place clients on radio shows. After
accumulating so many radio shows, I decided to duplicate the A-Z format with
radio shows that welcome authors.

Dennis: Are you working on any new books or projects?

Francine: Yes, now I am compiling another book called Radio Wants You! An Intimate Portrait of 500 Radio Shows That Welcome Guests - this time for the general public  and I am working with an agent. I learned a lot doing the first book
and am sending out a much more comprehensive questionnaire to hosts. Also,
with a goal of 500, I already have many more radio shows than the 231
programs listed in Talk Radio for Authors.

Dennis:  Since you began to write what have you learned about the publishing industry that would help other writers not get discouraged?

Francine:  What I've learned is that when you self-publish or publish on demand (POD) EVERYTHING rests on the author's shoulders. It's true that publishers don't
do much in terms of marketing, but at least a traditional publisher has
distribution so that your book lands in Barnes & Noble. Also, when you
self-publish, you are the last word on the text. No one else looks at it
unless you hire an outside editor. My first two books - local guidebooks -
were published by a small traditional publisher with an editor and staff of
sales people so the books are in the chain bookstores. My second two books
were POD and I'll never do that again. The only advantage is that it's fast.

I guess that wasn't very encouraging. If you are an avid promoter, then a
self-published book can be a success. It's been known to happen.

Dennis:  What advice can you give to new writers that would help them gain exposure and recognition for their work?

Francine:  Before you even write a book, decide who your audience is. Plan your
promotion tactics early - even before you start writing.

Dennis:  What are some examples of articles you have written that would be of interest to other writers and where can they be found?

Francine:  I was once a columnist on John Kremer's site and a few of those articles
are on my website at

Now I am a columnist for The Infinite Writer.

Dennis:  Do you have a personal web site?


Dennis:  Is there anything else you would like to add to this interview?

Francine: I'd like to thank you for the opportunity to talk about my newsletter and
books.  I hope your readers will take a look at the archives on my website to see if
the ezine appeals to them.

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An Interview with Francine Silverman
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