An Interview with Feather Foster
Dennis:  When did you begin to write?

Feather:  I probably started when my folks bought a portable Royal typewriter, when I was around ten.  If I remember correctly, it was shortly after the Declaration of Independence was signed.  But I was first and always, I SONGWRITER.  I didn't switch over to "prose" per se, till I was many moons older.

Dennis:  You have a series of articles titled The lecture experience parts I, II and III.

What kind of information is provided in these articles that may help other writers?

Feather: I have been doing a lot of lecturing to various groups during the past three or four years - and have learned a LOT.  I organized some of those thoughts which might prove helpful.  But the most important things I have learned are a) each group is different; b) one size does NOT fit all, and c) I must always be flexible in both my approach and my expectations.

Dennis:  What prompted you to write about the death of President James Garfield in
your book titled Garfield's Train?

Feather: I wanted to follow up my book on the OLD First Ladies with something presidential (since I am a presidential historian by avocation - i.e. non-academic; I am not a professor.)  I also wanted to keep it NJ-based, since that is where I live.  Besides, his nomination, election, assassination and death is a really interesting story! 

Dennis:  Where can your books be purchased?

Feather:  Any of the on-line booksellers.  Or, if somebody wants a personally autographed copy, they can contact me through my website at

Dennis:  You have a newsletter.  What kinds of information can be found for those who may wish to subscribe to it?

Feather:  My "newsletter" is not really a newsletter per se.  It is merely a monthly notation of where I will be appearing, or other items of pertinent information.  But anyone can sign up thru my website.

Dennis:  You web site is  Please provide an overview of your
site and how it may interest or help other writers

Feather:  I have created a website primarily to focus on my own books and appearances.  I've had several compliments on it (which I duly pass along to my web-lady), and perhaps other writers might like to use it for inspiration.  I do not offer any advice on writing, however.  I believe all writers are entitled to follow their own muses.

Dennis:  You have a blog titled Commander-In-Chief.  Please provide a synopsis of this blog which may interest other readers and writers.

Feather:  I'm having lots of fun with CinCs, which I hope will become another book in the foreseeable future.  I've created a series of essays, 500-words or so, in a very informal and chatty style, about Presidents from Washington thru Eisenhower (I never go past Ike), in their capacities as Commander-in-Chief.  It is being used for a monthly newsletter entitled "SALUTE", published by Red Engine Press.  We were just advised that this newsletter was recently awarded MWSA 2007 Special Recognition Award for Best Military Internet Newsletter. 

Dennis:  Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

Feather: I hope that any of your readers who are interested in history will check out my website, and perhaps might be interested in checking out one of my books!

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