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American Heroes
The book is a compliation of information on American Heroes and their stories.  It is a great book.  I have read it and found it to be fantastic both in its content and the list of contributors.  Some of the contributors include senators, representatives and governors in our country.  The book has an index toward the back of the book of the contributors and reference (s) to their contribution (s).  It is a book about Americans, by Americans and for Americans---ALL AMERICANS.
This book exemplifies what it means to be a hero and has contributions from ordinary citizens as to their definition of an American Hero. The examples provided is not limited to our military but extends to the private sector of our country.  The concept of being an American Hero can also apply to the occupation of being a writer.   
Writers of all generes can and do fall into the categroy of being an American Hero.  If you think about what writers write the subjects encompass a wide variety.  Whether it is a book or an article, we affect or can affect the lives of those who read our material.  Books on various subjects whether it is fiction or nonfiction impacts the lives of those who read them. 
In the category of nonfiction there are many writers who have written subjects that bring information to others that forever change the way they perceive themselves or society.  In other cases the subject brings forth information to cause people to take action to change the way they live and work.  It may also cause people to take action to have laws changed to correct an injustice or cause new laws to be generated. I have read many books that have had an impact on the way I do things such as writing.  In other cases subjects of books are sometimes written to bring about a change in the way society operates.  Sometimes this change involves a cultural change.  This kind of change only takes place as people become aware of actions that are unacceptable and demand changes in the way corporate america operates.  In either case, writers can be american heroes as we address subjects that would otherwise be unnoticed. Writers can be leaders through the subjects they choose for which they have knowledge or experience.
The link above takes you to a site where you can purchase a book titled: Modern Day Heroes: In Defense of America.  If you purchase this book through this site all the commission that I would receive will be used to purchase copies of the book for our military personnel that is on a waiting list.  The authors wanted to provide copies of this book free to our military.  This is my contribution to this cause. 
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Below is a link to a web site created to help american soldiers receive support and encouragement.  Check out the site.


This organization helps those who have served our country and have returned with disabilities that need modifications to their present homes or need new ones to accomodate their disabilities.  Check it out.
Operation Military Family
This organization is a support and guidance for military families.

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An organization that promotes communities adopting individual units in all branches of the military
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This site is fantastic.  It is dedicated to honoring our military and their sacrifices.  It provides a wealth of information related to military awards and citations and those who have received them.  It is an effort to not let those individuals be forgotten who have given so much of theirselves including the ultimate sacrifice
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