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I worked for 35 years in my primary occupation before becoming a writer.  In that time I held and performed various duties including, quality assurance specialist with more than 25 years experience.  I also had responsibilities as a functional leader, facilitator, instructor, trainer and quality program manager. I created and trained people associated with the ISO 9000 quality system requirements.  I am a certified quality auditor with the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and have held the position of Region 9 councilor for the Quality Audit Division of ASQ.  This area encompassed Kentucky, Indiana and Southwest Ohio. I have also taught quality auditing classes.

I have written and have had published the following articles: Integrity In Mangement; Integrity In Auditing and Integrity In Education.  These articles can be found on my site under the articles link on the index page. .

Author of Integrity: Do You Have It? E-book.  This book may be purchased by accessing the ebook link on the index page or by accessing the web site and searching for Integrity: Do You Have It? 2nd edition   The print version published by Infinity Publishing  in 2005. can be accessed on my sales page.  More details of this book can be seen on the integrity page link.

Author of What Makes a Good Audit currently available as an ebook on this site.

I am always learning through various writing newsletters as a subscriber and my participation in writing forums. I learn much from the newsletters I receive and apply the knowlege from them as they apply to my needs as a writer.  I am also a person that is always learning through reading..  

As a way of thanking those who have helped me with my writing career, I have made one of the goals of this site to collect information, writing articles and providing links for helping others in their writing as I have been helped.

I have written two books to date but I am in the process of writing a third with more in the works.  As these are completed information on them will be posted on this site.  
The links on this page are provided for easy access to any page on this site.  If you find any do not work, please send me an e-mail and I will re-establish it.
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