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The links listed above are provided for easy access to any of the web site pages.  If you find that any link does not work, please e-mail me and I will re-establish it. .
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This page is dedicated to providing information on American Heroes
I have signed the Business Ethics Pledge at
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This page list books that I have read and recommend
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This page provides information on my books, both print and electronic. 
This page provides links to bookstore web sites, associations and distributors.
This page provides links to various marketing resources such as web site promotion, .marketing links, marketing newsletters,  and advertising sites.

This page provides links to ebook resources which are different than regular book resources.
This page contains a list of links which I feel are compatible with the purpose of this site.
This page contains a list of links to sites which I consider my favorite based on the information and organization.
This page is examples of sites which requested a link exchange with this site.
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This page contains links to various pages of this site included general links and will expand in the future to provide various categories of links on this site which will provide information as to the type of links and information this site does and will contain.
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This page contains links to my articles (published and non-published) and articles by other writers which I felt would benefit visitors of this site.
This page contains interesting quotes which I felt appropriate to place on this site.
This page contains links to sites that have the latest publishing news.
This page has been revamped to provide better organization of the links posted and the opportunity to easily add additional links that are in work.  Future pages and topics will be added as they are created and published. 
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This page provides links to various directories, advertising, book, article and web site directories.
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This page has links to sites which offer valuable information to aid the writer in achieving their goals.
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This page provides links to sites which offer management perspectives and information on being a manager and leader in society.
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This page contains links to press releases associated with my books, articles and services.
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This page contains information and links to media coverage of my books, articles and services. .
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This page contains free downloads which I have generated or have permission to offer free
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This page has links to blog subjects that I have generated on blog sites.
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This page has links from which to buy my books that are currently available for sale.  Autographed copies now available
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This page has links to all pages on this site for each major category.and will contain new pages as they are added. 
Author Interview Sites
This page has links to sites that do author interviews.
Author Web Sites
This page will list individual sites of authors and sites that list author web sites.  If you have any recommendations for listings, please contact me.  
Book Review Sites
This page will provide listings of sites that do book reviews. Some are free and others require payment.  I have used or evaluted the sites listed.
This page has links to webrings associated with writing and marketing
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This page has links to talk radio stations by state.  Links were tested and worked at the time of posting.
Integrity Issues
This is a new page with links to integrity issues.
Author Interviews
This page has links to author interviews conducted by me

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Online Book Catalog
This page is new and has links of family friendly authors books for purchase through
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This page provides links to social networking sites that I have joined or have found to be of some value. 
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Free Speakers
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This page contains links to authors who are available for speaking engagements.  The topics are family friendly
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This page has links to
questions of interest to
the general public
Links to Libraries
This page contains links to libraries in each of the states.  As a state listing is added a new link will be created. 
Communicating with
Senators and Representatives
This page provides links to the
Senators and Representatives by
state in Washington, D. C.
Communicating with state Senators and Representatives
The link above connects you to a page with links for each state senators and representatives for the state legislatures
Links to my American Chronicle Articles
This page contains links to my American Chronicle articles, past and present. 
Online Bookstore Listings by State
Links to Bookstore
This page contains links to
bookstore chains in the United States
Book Fair Links
This contains links to book fairs/festivals in the United States
Links to Literary Awards
This page contains links to literary awards
Publisher Evaluation Criteria
My book defines integrity and discusses the characteristics.  It creates a common set of criteria to measure others and us.  These criteria are then applied to various segments of society such as the news, education and politics among others.  It brings the subject of integrity down to the individual level with a chapter on personal integrity.
Common Unitied States City Names pages
The alphabetical list is complete.  Links to all listings is in process with many already completed.  There are over 5,100 common United States city names listed on the pages. 
Links to TV Stations By State
Links to Newspapers by State
Thirty three states are now published.
Links to U.S. Magazines by Category
The list is complete.  There are over 30 categories.
The link above connects to my hubpages profile and my articles
Index to Cities by State
Links to cities by State
Links to cities by State
The link takes you to a page
to access cities in each state
(state listings now complete)
Speak without Interruption
Links to my articles on this site Writers
Links to writer articles on this site
Organizations Supporting Quality Education
Links to organizations which support Quality education principles
Tribute to our Armed Services
Has or will have links to a
tribute to each of the United
States Armed Services
Follow Me on Pinterest
List of writers by state
This connects writers by state
Bible Verses and Images
(King James Version)
Bible Verses by Topic
Constitutional Articles
Booklocker authors
Articles involving Quality Principles
Encouraging Words From the Bible
Quotes by Presidents
Links to quotes by U.S.
Quotes by Wives of
Quotes that shaped
Index to quotes by Topic
Federal Government Legislation
Links to status of Federal Legislation
Quotes from our
founding fathers
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